Blue Isle Coffee - Special Reserve DECAF Ethiopia SIDAMO, Whole Bean 12oz

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At Blue Isle Coffee we have scoured the earth for coffee beans which have the very best traits and then found the very best way of growing and preparing them. We've taken out the maps to find the finest estates on earth. Seasoned buyers surveyed the land, farming and preparatory practices, then cupped the coffees looking for spectacular taste. Then we subjected these beans to rigorous analytical laboratory testing to find coffees with the very highest levels of good ingredients for you as you'll find in our "seed to cup" video. The precise location remains classified.

Product Features

I'M DR BOB ARNOT AND I'VE SPENT DECADES TRAVELING THE GLOBE TO LEARN FROM THE WORLDS HEALTHIEST AND OLDEST OLD, but one of the biggest surprises to me was in the Aegean Sea on an idyllic island where people live far longer than the US. These people had a wonderful Mediterranean diet but they also had a Mediterranean coffee with remarkable benefits. A study in a leading medical journal showed that the more Greek coffee they drank, the better their core health. WE MODELED THIS HAND CRAFTED COFFEE AFTER THE ONE CONSUMED IN THE MEDITERRANEAN BY AMONG THE HEALTHIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. They live on an idyllic island in the Aegean Sea and survive in good health to a very old age. One of their secrets is coffee. In fact, a study of 142 older residents showed a direct positive relationship between the number of cups of coffee drunk and the top barometer of core health. ARE YOU LOOKING TO GET MORE OUT OF YOUR WORKOUTS? Reached your peak? Can't improve? Not motivated to work out? Did you know that coffee may be the ultimate performance beverage according to researchers at TOP UNIVERSITIES, improving speed, endurance, power and reaction times? Reach for a cup of Blue Isle Coffee with beans picked by hand and with a proprietary roast technology that delivers tremendous tastes and big benefits for your best performance. GROUND BREAKING SCIENTIFIC STUDIES SHOW COFFEE MAY BE ONE OF THE BEST THINGS you do for yourself. A CLASSIC STUDY OF 5000000 CONSUMER YEARS OF COFFEE CONSUMPTION, SHOWS A REMARKABLE 15 PERCENT DECREASE IN THE RISK OF DEATH FROM ALL CAUSES IN WOMEN and 10 percent in men. What is it that is so powerful in coffee to be perhaps the most important part of your diet? Coffee polyphenols is the answer. These are most frequent anti-oxidants in the American diet and have incredible anti-inflammatory capabilities. Blue Isle uses the best beans on earth and a proprietary roast technology to give you the largest amount of phenols in a cup while still providing the sumptuous tastes of a luxury coffee and the robust good health of a Contessa! You'll get smooth day long energy without the jitters. Worried about taste? Phenols are also a top marker of the highest quality beans and deliver out of this world tastes, just like the freshest fruits and vegetables or the finest red wines. AN ELEGANT MEDITERRANEAN COFFEE, DRUNK BY SOME OF THE HEALTHIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD and with tremendous benefits complementing the Mediterranean diet. Most researchers say it is the Mediterranean, rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats and olive oil. Drink Blue Isle. And like the Mediterranean diet, enjoy magnificent benefits, regal tastes and elegantly smooth energy. Blue Isle, developed from studying WORLD'S HEALTHIEST PEOPLE.

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