Dr Danger Coffee NIGHT OPS - DECAF Scientifically selected and roasted - whole bean - special reserve - 12oz

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Manufacturer Description

At Dr Danger we have scoured the earth for coffee beans which have the very best traits and then found the very best way of growing and preparing them. We've taken out the maps to find the finest estates on earth. Seasoned buyers surveyed the land, farming and preparatory practices, then cupped the coffees looking for spectacular taste. Then we subjected these beans to rigorous analytical laboratory testing to find coffees with the very highest levels of good ingredients for you as you'll see in our "Seed to Cup" video. The precise growing locations remain classified

Product Features

I'M DR BOB ARNOT AND I LOVE DRINKING DR DANGER COFFEE SO MUCH I COULD LITERALLY DRINK IT ALL DAY AND NIGHT, BUT THEN I KNOW I'D NEVER SLEEP. Our scientists grappled with the problem, asking how do we still provide the amazing benefits and smooth energy of Dr Danger coffee without interfering with our ability to sleep? The answer is night ops. Night ops is a spectacular decaf. The bean is rated on one of the leading coffee rating sites as one of their very top coffees even though it's a decaf. A team in Mexico figured out how take out the caffeine without using any chemicals. In our laboratory we found an amazing assortment of phenols to our great surprise, the process hadn't harmed the coffee, they improved it by adding wonderful new phenols we had never seen in a coffee before. Night ops may be the ultimate performance coffee delivering calm, smooth energy. Phenols are the substances found in coffee, fruits, vegetables, red wine and tea that deliver many of its best benefits. I drink Night Ops all afternoon. Since I work out late afternoon, it allows me to drink a great coffee and not worry about getting to sleep at night. The coffee gives me this wonderful, smooth and continuous energy that I just love. This fuels my afternoon workouts. When I finish, I literally just want to jump pack in and do another hour or so because of the smooth, energetic feel the coffee gives me. DOES YOUR COFFEE LEAVE YOU JITTERY AND ANXIOUS? The Caffeine in regular coffees may improve concentration, attention and performance but it can backfire leaving you drained and edgy. Dr Danger coffee delivers smooth, buzz free energy and big benefits from delicious scientifically selected beans and a proprietary roast profile which unlocks world class tastes. When you need nerves of steel and all day endurance, reach for Dr Danger. Workouts flat? ARE YOU LOOKING TO GET MORE OUT OF YOUR WORKOUTS? Reached your peak? Can't improve? Not motivated to work out? Did you know that coffee may be the ultimate performance beverage according to researchers at top universities, improving speed, endurance, power and reaction times? Reach for a cup of Dr Danger hard core with beans picked by hand and with a proprietary roast technology that delivers tremendous tastes and big benefits for your best performance. To help you GO FASTER, HARDER AND LONGER, TRY DR DANGER. BETTER WORKOUTS FOR DEMANDING ATHLETES!

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