Dr Danger HARD CORE Coffee - ideal for training, fitness and competition - Scientifically selected and roasted special reserve Whole Bean- 12oz

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Manufacturer Description

At Dr Danger we have scoured the earth for coffee beans which have the very best traits and then found the very best way of growing and preparing them. We've taken out the maps to find the finest estates on earth. Seasoned buyers surveyed the land, farming and preparatory practices, then cupped the coffees looking for spectacular taste. Then we subjected these beans to rigorous analytical laboratory testing to find coffees with the very highest levels of good ingredients for you as you'll see in our "Seed to Cup" video. The precise growing locations remain classified.

Product Features

I'M DR BOB ARNOT, A PHYSICIAN, ATHLETE AND CREATOR OF HARD CORE. I sourced these premium beans from among the best in the world, subjecting them to the most rigorous analysis in a top analytical chemistry lab. We measured phenols, the ultimate marker of quality, taste and big benefits. Phenols are the main healthy ingredient in fruits, vegetables, teas and red wine. These beans scored among the highest levels of any coffee. I drink it every day for training, racing and feeling great. DR DANGER HARD CORE IS THE PERFECT FUEL FOR TRAINING AND COMPETITION. And it's calorie free! Caffeine unleashes fat as a fuel for sustained endurance. High phenol levels help to cut the tremendous amounts of oxidants and inflammation that are produced during intense and sustained exercise to improve your workouts and recovery. Phenols also balance caffeine to kill excess buzz and give you smooth energy. WORKOUTS FLAT? ARE YOU LOOKING TO GET MORE OUT OF YOUR WORKOUTS? REACHED YOUR PEAK? CAN'T IMPROVE? NOT MOTIVATED TO WORK OUT? Did you know that coffee may be the ultimate performance beverage according to researchers at TOP UNIVERSITIES, improving speed, endurance, power and reaction times? Reach for a cup of Dr Danger hard core with beans picked by hand and with a proprietary roast technology that delivers tremendous tastes and big benefits for your best performance. TOP SPORTS SCIENTISTS STUDIED TRAINED ATHLETES WHO DRANK COFFEE AS A PERFORMANCE FUEL. Taken one hour before a workout, these cyclists and triathletes had performance times were significantly faster and had greater power. Performance times for a time trial were 5 percent faster which is an enormous margin for elite athletes. Cyclists put out 294 watts of power with coffee compared to 277 watts w/o coffee. Try drinking Dr Danger Hard Core when you get up and then an hour before you train or race. Dr Danger HARD CORE has a VERY LIGHT PROPRIETARY ROAST PROFILE which unlocks the greatest amount of phenols. We have made it an especially LEAN COFFEE with fewer sugars and fats than most. In their place you'll note a remarkable effervescence and spectacular light floral and fruity tastes. This is designed to give you a tremendous boost in your performance in a coffee that's just plain fun to drink. Hard core will still be one of the best coffees you've tasted. For the hard core athlete.

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