Lit Coffee Dark Roast Organic Fair Trade Single Origin Craft Coffee - Whole Beans - Fresh Coffee Beans

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Manufacturer Description

We believe that there are several important factors that contribute to a fantastic cup of coffee each and every time. Of these, one of the most important is in the bean itself. Raw coffee beans provide the best canvas since they can be perfectly roasted and processed.

With a light roast, the flavor is crisp with a subtle sweetness and a hit of chocolate. Low acidity, and a lighter roast, makes Lit Coffee a perfect choice for coffee drinkers who really want to really want to taste the origin. Our beans are packed warm, ensuring the freshest cup. No chemical inputs are used.

Whereas much of the coffee that you can purchase in your grocery store - and even some of the big-name brands - come from mass-production farms where pesticides and insecticides are used with alarming frequency, we purchase our beans via the Crop to Cup program. Our beans are grown organically and then purchased directly from farmers who would otherwise have difficulty getting their amazing coffee beans to the market.

The two things that we believe in above all else are the quality of the raw coffee beans and the science behind the ways in which they are processed and brewed. Once we've selected the right bean for the job, we then carefully experiment with different temperatures, water pressures and brew cycle lengths to deliver the best cup of coffee we can create. Whether you are in the mood for an iced latte or a simple hot cup of delicious black coffee.

"Fair Trade" is the principal that many coffee farmers and cooperatives have adopted to ensure that the farming community continues to thrive by supporting education and business acumen for the coffee farmers. Most Fair trade cooperatives are made up of a few farmers who work together to ensure they are able to survive in the tough economic situations that all coffee producing regions are accustomed to.

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Product Features

★ Raise your coffee standards with one sip of these bold beans. With Lit Coffee you will not only revel in the bold, distinct flavor that makes our products some of the best in the world, but you'll also know that every purchase you make helps hard-working farmers in less prosperous parts of the world to thrive. ★ Fair Trade, Organic, Single-Origin Craft Coffee: You will taste and feel the difference. Fair Trade gives farmers better prices for quality products that improve their lives and protect the environment while producing a product that is better for you in every way. ★ Strong and Smooth cleanest tasting coffee ever. Bold flavor but smooth. The beans have not dried out and gone stale the way most mass-produced coffee does. Not bitter with low acidity. ★ Fuel your Morning Routine and power your day by pouring yourself a cup of Lit Coffee, because it's not enough to break the glass ceilings, we want to you shatter it! ★ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. So click on the "Add to Cart" button now. Try it yourself absolutely risk free.

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